Welcome to kringlsworkshop.com, my little home on the web for
hand-crafted furniture and cabinets.

A little about me: I’m Jay commonly referred to as Kringl, and I’ve been trained as a metal
fabricator and welder and am very used to making and repairing many
things in sometimes very creative ways. I have also always helped my
grandfathers and father as well as many friends on a variety of
woodworking projects, building, rebuilding, additions, remodels,
decks, furniture, built-ins, repairs … you name it.

After buying a home about 10 years ago, I’ve been building things for
my home as well as repairing many old pieces of furniture for friends
and family. While doing repair work, you learn a lot about furniture
design, construction, and wood movement. I take what I’ve learned
making these repairs into account in fixing things so they won’t fail
again. Just like in metal working, if you’re going to fix something,
do it right.

So I finally started making my own projects. It’s fun work, and I
consider it relaxing and fulfilling. I take a lot of pride in what I
do but never thought of making things to sell until recently. I wish I
had taken more pictures, but I am starting to chronicle what’s going on
with my new website. I hope you like it and come back often to see
what’s happening. Feel free to leave comments, follow me on twitter or shoot me an email at kringlism@gmail.com