Bible Display Case

ready for deliveryMy mother recently inherited our family Bible after the passing of my grandmother, Boots. The Bible has been in our family for many generations and is in poor condition. I figured it would be a better idea to make a display case for it than to keep it wrapped in a blanket tucked away in a drawer.

I chose to make the display case out of mahogany because it matched the color of the Bible. I wanted it to be free-standing with a glass box covering and protecting the Bible. Therefore, I designed what essentially is a modified side table with a padded and upholstered insert for the Bible to rest on and a glass paneled box covering it. The first part I made was the base. I tapered the legs and constructed the base with mortise and tenons. I made a rabbited plywood platform to mount the pad and cage to. Then it was time to make the cage. The cage is constructed out of 3/4 by 3/4 mahogany with a dato to accept the glass panels. I used three-way mitres with loose tenons at the corners for strength because I did not want to see any end grain anywhere on the piece. The final piece of construction was the glass, which was “fun” to fit. It is held in place with 3/16 muttons finished to match and siliconed into place since there was no place to put in any fasteners because there was more glass in the way. The whole piece is finished with a French polish, which really brought out the natural beauty of the mahogany without darkening it too much.

The Bible is currently on display in my parents hallway, which is far better than the drawer it was hiding in before.

ready for finish     test fit

glue up of 3 way loose tenon mitre

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