The Bench

It’s been a long time coming but I finally retired the 2×4 and plywood glorified table and built a bench. I based the design on a Nicholson and changed a few things for my liking and what I wanted. The basic construction is 4×4 spruce legs with draw bored mortise and tenon 4×4 uppers and lowers, bolted in 2×4 stretchers and recessed lags for the 1/2 lap 2×8 front skirt and 2×6 rear. The top is made from 2×6 t+g pine that were off cuts from a post and beam roof and are held in place to the base with pocket screws. I bolted and screwed the sub assembly’s in place so when I move in a few years I won’t need a chainsaw to take this bench apart, At 2.5 ‘ x 7’ there’s no way it’s coming out of the basement in one piece and is rock solid. For hardware I added a cast iron end vise with dog holes down the length of the bench and a leg vise with a chris cross from bench crafted. The leg chop is still temporary as I wanted to use the vise for a wile to get a feel for how I will use it most so as to dictate the shape and design. And I picked up some hand made holdfasts from Tim Charles at A Slice of Wood Workshop and may be the best addition I have made to the bench as of late. I have no idea how I have gotten this far making stuff without them or a real bench, productivity and quality is way up since I started using it and if you are on the fence about making your own bench stop making due with what you have and just do it, it will be the best tool in your arsenal














I finally cut up a slab of 10/4 oak for the leg chop. this thing is a beast

leg chop

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