Twisted coffee table

Here’s my latest project it’s a coffee table I made for an on-line coffee table build off. I’ve been working here and there over the last year or so on a process for a steam bending technique that I can use to twist wood around like wrot iron railings. This is my first attempt to make a project using this technique, and I think it came out rather well. The base is made out of white oak and features 4 twisted legs and a truss style support featuring more twisted parts. Since this piece is a prototype all the joinery is designed to give or pop apart if there is any movement from the twists and a glue that can be re activated was used so any repairs can be made. I will have a follow-up blog post about the design for the joinery as well as the twisting process at a later date. This piece will be observed for the next year to watch for any problems from seasonal movement before I make any tables for sale. The top featured walnut with 2 oak strips for some visual appeal and has a cove on the underside and sides cut at arc’s that leaves a nice thick to thin and back to thick appearance. The whole piece was finished with oil and shellac with a high gloss polyurethane on the top only. I have more projects drawn out using the twisting technique and are designed to be fun to make so please check back now and then to see what I’m up to. 2015/01/img_1337.jpg 2015/01/img_1336.jpg 2015/01/img_1335.jpg 2015/01/img_1334.jpg 2015/01/img_1338.jpg

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The Bench

It’s been a long time coming but I finally retired the 2×4 and plywood glorified table and built a bench. I based the design on a Nicholson and changed a few things for my liking and what I wanted. The basic construction is 4×4 spruce legs with draw bored mortise and tenon 4×4 uppers and lowers, bolted in 2×4 stretchers and recessed lags for the 1/2 lap 2×8 front skirt and 2×6 rear. The top is made from 2×6 t+g pine that were off cuts from a post and beam roof and are held in place to the base with pocket screws. I bolted and screwed the sub assembly’s in place so when I move in a few years I won’t need a chainsaw to take this bench apart, At 2.5 ‘ x 7’ there’s no way it’s coming out of the basement in one piece and is rock solid. For hardware I added a cast iron end vise with dog holes down the length of the bench and a leg vise with a chris cross from bench crafted. The leg chop is still temporary as I wanted to use the vise for a wile to get a feel for how I will use it most so as to dictate the shape and design. And I picked up some hand made holdfasts from Tim Charles at A Slice of Wood Workshop and may be the best addition I have made to the bench as of late. I have no idea how I have gotten this far making stuff without them or a real bench, productivity and quality is way up since I started using it and if you are on the fence about making your own bench stop making due with what you have and just do it, it will be the best tool in your arsenal














I finally cut up a slab of 10/4 oak for the leg chop. this thing is a beast

leg chop

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Chimney cabinet/ wine cabinet

This cabinet is a first for me, I’ve never entered a show before let alone made anything just to show and I received a ton of compliments on it. Its a wine cabinet that I designed to fit the criteria of my interpretation of a classic chimney cabinet. It is constructed using traditional frame and panel construction with pinned mortise and tenons in tiger maple and mahogany veneered panels. It has a glass paneled door and stick built mahogany wine and glass racks and a tiger maple drawer with a breadboard tiger maple top. It can hold 12 bottles and roughly 15 glasses depending on the size of the glassware. It was on display at the Boston home show and now resides in my home. It was a fun project to build and I will definitely be doing more builds for shows, it was a great experience









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Stainless railings

PROJECT: Stainless Steel Railings

MATERIALS: Stainless Steel and Mahogany

These are some stainless railings made by Bob from B Welding. His customer wanted some new railings made from stainless and he wanted me to make some mahogany caps for them

starting to fit the caps

starting to fit the caps

fitting the miter

fitting the miter

snug fit backed up with some dowels

snug fit backed up with some dowels

the bullnose

the bullnose end

wrapping grain

wrapping grain

some oil and outdoor urithane

some oil and outdoor urithane



both pieces

both pieces installed

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Mi Casa II

PROJECT: Front porch rebuild – replace the decking, wrap new trim around it, and rebuild the stairs (with new custom railings, of course). Currently unfinished because it got too cold for the paint to dry.

MATERIALS: Pressure-treated decking, douglas fir, and – sadly – paint.

waiting for railings

Decking finished – ready for railings


Finished decking

one section of railings

First finished section of railings

Front Deck - winter 2014

As far as I got before it got too cold







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Adventures in Veneering


PROJECT: End Table Top. (I can do this stuff now thanks to Steve Latta and Bob Van Dyke at the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking.)

MATERIALS: Fiddleback anigre field, tiger maple and bandings surrounded by solid mahogany

detail of the banding

Detail of the banding

shiny top

Finished top

end table with top

Polished and finished


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Mi casa

PROJECT: I hated my living room (gainormous custom entertainment center with built-in central AC return, raised panel wainscoting, and electronics cubby hole). This project is ongoing because I keep stopping to make fancy things.

MATERIALS: Poplar, MDF, pre-finished maple plywood

entertainment center

Front view of the bottom half of the entertainment center

AC return

AC return door (routed pattern into raised panel door)

more AC return

AC return ductwork (that’s right, kids, I HVAC as well)

AC filter

And the filter fits right in there

dvd storage

DVD storage built into the ends of the entertainment center


Bearing posts and chimney chase made pretty

electronics cubby

Cut a cubby into one of the columns around the bearing posts for handy electronics storage.


back side of electronics cubby

The back panel of the electronics cubby is removable for easy access to all the wires and cables.

raised panels

Custom-made raised panels wrap the whole room.

entertainment center with shelves

Progress on the entertainment center: added shelves for storage

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